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5 “Go Green Bay!” Questions

Answered by Daddy D Productions founder Darren Johnson

As part of The Kroll’s West Local Series, Ashwaubenon Performing Arts Center is welcoming Daddy D Productions back to its theatre on Sunday, October 13 at 7:30 p.m. with Go Green Bay! sponsored by Kwik Trip. With Green Bay’s favorite team not taking the field until Monday night, fans can get the party started a day in advance with Daddy D Productions, Kevin Van Ess and The Talk of The Town. The performance, highlighted by stadium anthems, comedy bits and big band sounds, is sure to have fans dancing down the aisles.

Go Green Bay! will include renditions of many game-day favorites, such as “On Wisconsin,” “In Heaven There is No Beer,” “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” “Roll Out the Barrel,” “We Will Rock You,” and “We Are the Champions.” The show also features comedy that perfectly captures the style and spirit of the Badger State.

In preparation for Sunday’s Titletown tailgate celebration, we asked Darren Johnson, founder of Daddy D Productions, a few questions about the program and Green Bay’s unique culture. Here’s what he had to say!

Q: Why did you decide to develop a Green Bay-focused show?
My wife Shelly and I are Green Bay born and raised.  Several of the folks we have worked with in the past are or have been in the “Packer Band.”  We wanted to combine forces and bring something fun, funny and entertaining to the Ashwaubenon PAC.

Q: What makes Green Bay tailgating culture worth celebrating?
It is a one-of-a-kind experience at Lambeau Field. Whether you are a Packers fan or an opposing team supporter, you become part of a Green Bay culture.  There is a camaraderie, sharing with your neighbor, meeting new friends and celebrating a historic team.

Q: Are your comedy bits scripted or improvised? What goes into that preparation?
The comedy bits are a bit improvised and scripted.  We stay away from anything that may be political or even topical sometimes. We want the audience to get away from any frustrating noise for a couple hours.  The preparation is pretty simple. We present a funny idea and the group decides if it’s gonna make it.  Most of our humor is just dumb enough to make you laugh.  The show, however, is focused mainly on the music.  The comedy is a funny palate cleanser between musical entrees.
Q: What one song do you wish was a part of the stadium’s regular playlist? Why?
I am sure the Packers have a pretty extensive list, and I’m not sure of everything that is on there, but if I am looking for something outside the box, I would say Zapp & Roger’s “Doo Wa Ditty.”  It’s been sampled a ton of times and is funky & fun.

Q: What are your predictions for the rest of the Green and Gold’s season?
Super Bowl, Baby!  GO PACK GO!


Adult tickets to Go Green Bay are $30. Senior and student tickets are available for $27. Subscriber and group discounts can also be applied. To purchase tickets or learn more about this or other upcoming events, visit ashwaubenonpac.org or call (920) 494-3401.

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