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A Nostalgic Evening with Garrison Keillor: Bringing the Charm of Lake Wobegon to Green Bay

Former “A Prairie Home Companion” star will perform one-man, one-mic show at Ashwaubenon Performing Arts Center on January 21



Dive into an evening of laughter and nostalgia as “Garrison Keillor Tonight!” blends stand-up comedy with the art of storytelling, captivating poetry, and heartwarming songs. The show takes the stage at the Ashwaubenon Performing Arts Center on Sunday, January 21, at 7:00 p.m. A prolific author, humorist, and radio personality, Garrison Keillor is best known for creating and hosting the iconic radio show “A Prairie Home Companion.” Debuting in 1974 as an old-style radio variety show, APHC included humor, music, and Keillor’s masterful storytelling.

Attendees of “Garrison Keillor Tonight!” will embark on a delightful journey down memory lane, filled with touching anecdotes and cherished melodies as Keillor skillfully weaves together sung sonnets, limericks, and musical jokes. The thread that runs through it is the beauty of getting old.

“Despite the inconvenience, old age brings the contentment of knowing that LESS IS MORE,” says Keillor. “Your mistakes and big ambitions are behind you, nothing left to prove, and small things give you great pleasure because that’s what’s left.”

The audience will also hear the latest news from Lake Wobegon, Keillor’s famous, invented town in Minnesota – “where all the women are beautiful, all the men are strong, and all the children are above-average.” The unforgettable evening of entertainment concludes with an a cappella sing-along with the audience, including an odd medley of patriotic songs, pop standards, hymns and the national anthem.

After retiring from APHC in 2016, Keillor has continued performances nationwide and written both a memoir and book of limericks. He’s also at work on a musical and Lake Wobegon screenplay and continues to write “The Writer’s Almanac,” a daily newsletter available by subscription.

Garrison Keillor Tonight!” is sponsored by Dolly’s Manure Fund. It is presented as part of the Ashwaubenon P.A.C.’s Touring Series.

Tickets to “Garrison Keillor Tonight!” start at $39 and can be purchased online at ashwaubenonpac.org or by calling (920) 494-3401. 


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